Mind Over Mindy promo poster


Continuing down the path of intellectual and controversial subject matter, as in his two previous comedies, D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids) and You Don’t Say!, writer/director Robert Alaniz’s latest comedy Mind Over Mindy addresses the issue of regret and how living in the past can ruin the future.

Mind Over Mindy is the story of Tom, who in the 1980s endured a very traumatic breakup with Mindy, his first fiancée. Since then, Tom has managed to sabotage every marriage opportunity that came his way.

Now in his 40s and on the verge of yet another disastrous engagement, Tom agrees to meet with his fiancée’s therapist, hoping to finally get to the root of his troubles and save this relationship.

However, things get really complicated when the teenage Mindy of the 1980s, who Tom still dreams of constantly, materializes from his thoughts and into to the 21st century.

The cast includes Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld) in the role of the schizophrenic therapist Dr. Fischer, and features the very funny Jim O’Heir (“Jerry” on NBC’s Parks and Recreation) as Mr. Weiner, the general manager of a car dealership.